Youth Ministry Tracker Roadmap

We set out to build an app that would transform data tracking in youth ministry for the most churches.


Approximately 90% of the churches in the US
have a total attendance of less than 250 people
with youth groups between 5 and 20 students.


Our goal is to scale YMT so that it just works
for youth groups with 5 students or 5,000 students.


This is our development roadmap.

#1 – iCloud Syncing

You will be able to sync your database between multiple devices with the same iCloud account.

#2 - Events Update

Multiple improvements to events including attendance exporting in multiple formats and calendar integrations for sharing events with others.

#3 - Native iPad App

The Universal App that will include a native iPad version that will eliminate the stretched (2x) effect that uses the iPhone version.

This will be a free update for everyone that has already purchased the iPhone only version.

#4 - Groups Update

Multiple improvements to groups including powerful new filters and messaging options.

#5 - Multi-Device Integration

You will be able to share and access the database with multiple users on multiple devices with separate layers of access permissions for each user.

#6 - Students Update

Multiple improvements to students including notes for students, tracking individual events (meetings, baptism, etc.), checklists for students in managed groups (turned in registration form, paid deposit, etc.), financial account info, and more.

#7 - Custom Data Collection

Multiple improvements to students including student associations (friends, siblings, etc.) and more fields for capturing data from students, including the ability to toggle on/off non-essential fields.

#8 - Stats Update

Multiple improvements to stats including graph export, grade graphs, school graphs and per student attendance metrics.

While we are consistently working on the feature updates, we cannot commit to a certain date or time.
Our overall goal is to complete this roadmap in the next year.
For updates on feature progress,
please visit and subscribe to the Blog.